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Chevy Suburban 5 Passengers
Lincoln MKT 3 passengers
Ford Transit 15 passengers sprinter
     Chevy Suburban SUV

      Larger group?
Who said you have to give up comfort?
Recommended for up to five adults, this vehicle gets the job done while still offers safety, comfort, and style. Family trip, night out in town with your friends, or a business trip with your associates, these vehicles will get you there rain or shine.

   Lincoln MKT Town Car

The luxury and comfort could be yours for a very reasonable rate. Recommended for up to three adult passengers  with moderate luggage.
Private chauffeur and stress free sailing through the city. You can use your time to reply to that last email that you got as you were leaving the house, to make a business call, to catch up with your friends and family or simply, sit back and enjoy the ride.                                           

Ford Transit 15 Passengers

Sometimes life requires more!
Recommended for up to 14 passengers with luggage. Very clean, non- smoking, black on black; your fun can start the moment you leave home. Celebrate your occasion, live your special life events to the fullest, we will be there to make sure you wil get to your destination safely and on time.

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